Dundalk’s three senior centers are now all re-opened, and are gearing up to have full programming in coming months.

Fleming Senior Center in Turner Station was the final senior center in the county to re-open, and officially opened for activities and food on July 19.

“So far, so good,” center director Cynthia Mingo said on Tuesday. She said there were so far 125 members re-registered, and that the center was gearing up to have a full calendar come September.

She said the center was already reaching out to its old partners for talks and events.

The center is already hosting its famous Hot Dog Fridays, every Friday.

The Ateaze Senior Center is getting up and running, but is still partially under construction, so activities are limited until renovations are completed in mid-August, when all classes and programs should return, director Rebecca Ebert said.

“We’re slowly but surely getting there,” she said. When staff returned, the center was covered in dust, so they have “literally had to dust off our boots and get everything going.”

Ateaze has already started running some of its fitness and first-floor classes, such as Wednesday Bingo, Zumba, ballroom dancing and Tai-Chi.

Eating Together is also back at Ateaze, so those over 60 can stop by and get food together.

The return of Eating Together is a welcome one, Ebert said. “Especially because we know there’s so many food insecurities out there for seniors,” she said.

In September, Ateaze is planning to hold a full “Welcome Back Month” of activities to re-introduce members to the senior center.

The Edgemere Senior Center, which re-opened on July 6, is also getting things going, and is expecting to have a full schedule come September, according to director Grace McDowell

Edgemere has already brought back its fitness center, food and programming, including a new program called Geri-Fit, which is being well received, McDowell said.

In September, the center’s paid programs, including stretch and strength, a new program, will come back.

“We’re getting there, slowly but surely,” McDowell said.

Bingo is up and running, and McDowell said the very-popular Bunco is also getting started, to the seniors’ delight. Those games also bring folks in for Eating Together, which is becoming especially popular on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.