ESSEX — On Saturday, June 8, Woody’s Pub Grub in Essex is hosting Rockin’ Out with Pitties & Purrs, a fundraiser and adoption event for Pitties and Purrs Rescue Inc., a small foster-based rescue in Baltimore.

Rockin’ Out will feature food and drinks, raffles with great prizes (Billy Joel tickets too!), adoptable dogs and live music from local favorites Ed Lauer, Square One and Red Dirt Revolution.

The event will be held outside on Woody’s back patio and the rescue will be collecting a $10 cash donation per person at the door.

“This is our first time hosting an event for Pitties & Purrs. It’s going to be a great family-friendly event, so bring the kids,” said Valerie Shinsky, who is one of the owners of Woody’s Pub Grub.

Woody’s opened in November 2018 and has quickly become a part of the community.

“We support the schools, the police, the Heritage Society. We really want to be involved in our community and be a part of something positive,” said Shinsky, who owns the bar/restaurant along with her husband Scott and their partner Paul Christ. “We are also all animal lovers here, so it’s a nice way to give back and help the rescue.”

Both the Shinksys and Christ have American Bulldogs as pets.

According to Pitties & Purrs, rescue dogs come from all over the country to the 501c (3) non-profit to be rehabilitated and to ultimately find their forever homes. Because it is a foster-based rescue, they rely solely on volunteers to care for and temporarily welcome the dogs and cats into their homes to prepare them for adoption.

“We really enjoy our events because it gives us a chance to spend time with our community. And we know we have, and are grateful for, such a compassionate and giving community,” said Erica Weimer, event coordinator at Pitties & Purrs. “Your monetary donations really help us save the ones who need it most...the sick, the injured, the abused, the neglected and forgotten. We couldn’t do what we do without your help.”

To give an idea of how much it takes to care for the dogs that are part of the rescue, Weimer gave an example of one vet bill for the partial month of May which was more than $20,000. “Since then, we have also had two litters of baby kittens and three more heart-worm positive dogs treated (at $800 each), and their treatment will continue,” she added. Many animals who come in need around the clock care for conditions such as skin infections and respiratory infections and more on top of the normal vaccines, spay and neuters, preventative medicines and everyday care.

“We do not shy away from the medical cases, we embrace them. Don’t get me wrong, we love our cute puppies and all the happy-go-lucky dogs and cats that we have, but we know that we can extend that extra hand and all of our hearts to the ones that are severely mistreated, abused, abandoned, and completely forgotten. We know that their lives matter and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure they know that, and are loved so very much,” said Weimer.

She continued: “We like the tough cases, that is also where the support of the community comes in. It literally takes a village, and we have some of the best volunteers and supporters around. This event at Woody’s will help us to reach even more people to join in our mission in any way that they can and literally help save lives.”

Rockin’ Out is a rain or shine event and will feature raffles and laydowns with a chance to win great prizes, Pitties & Purrs merchandise for sale (shirts, koozies, tanks, and more), pit beef, ham and turkey for sale, and, of course live music. For more information, go to

Saturday, June 8 from 1 to 6:00pm at Woody’s Pub Grub. 11 Margaret Ave, Essex, MD 21221. $10 cash at door. NO pets, please.