Baltimore County Police detectives responded to a tip about human remains discovered in Bear Creek by fishermen early in the morning on May 5. Later in the day, BCPD divers continued to search for more remains. The identity of the victim is not known.

Baltimore County Police were called to the Bear Creek Drawbridge after a fisherman discovered human remains, similar to another incident that occurred on May 4.

According to BCPD, the fisherman discovered what looked like human remains floating in Bear Creek late in the ninth on June 13. Police officers were dispatched to the scene, where they confirmed the fisherman’s discovery. The remains were transported to the medical examiner’s office, according to police.

Homicide Detectives are investigating this case and believe this discovery is related to the May 4 incident where partial human remains were also located.

Anyone with information about the identity o the victim or the circumstances surrounding their death are encouraged to call BCPD at 410-307-2020.

Emergency vehicles lined Peninsula Expressway just beyond the south side of the Bear Creek Drawbridge after being tipped off about human remains on May 4.

According to the Baltimore County Police Department, homicide detectives responded to a call about partial human remains spotted in the water on May 4. The remains were spotted by fishermen, according to a press release issued tonight by BCPD. As to what those remains are has not been revealed.

The Eagle was at the scene earlier today after receiving a tip on social media. Peninsula Expressway was lined with BCPD dive vehicles, Maryland State Police and other vehicles. A BCPD helicopter flew over the scene while divers searched the waters for more remains.

Dive teams spent much of the day searching, according to the release. Detectives continue to actively investigate this case. The identity of the deceased is not known, according to police.

Anyone with information on the identity of the victim, or the circumstances surrounding their death, is encouraged to contact BCPD by phone at 410-307-2020.