After a year off, hundreds of volunteers are ready to scare guests at Fort Howard.

Fort Howard’s Haunted Dungeons will return again next Friday, Oct. 1, and organizers are hoping this year they can come back with a bang.

“We’ve changed up a lot of the areas,” Mike Estep, who has been working with the program since 1999, said. The former military installation is in the process of becoming a massive haunted attraction, as it has almost every Halloween season since 1982.

Estep said the dungeons are bringing back some of the “old-school” horror acts, such as Michael Myers from the Halloween movie franchise, and will bring a funhouse attraction with clowns, and a spooky “Wrong Turn” theme in the wooded paths, paying homage to the series which got a reboot earlier this year. There will also be a “Nightmare Before Christmas” type environment.

Entering will cost $17, but 100% of those funds will go to the Edgemere-Sparrows Point Rec Council, which hosts the attraction. The dungeons are the rec council’s largest fundraiser, and compete with professional haunted attractions.

“On a normal year, we average around 300 to 350 visitors per a night,” Estep said. In previous years, they have reached a thousand on a given night.

The dungeons will be open every Friday and Saturday night in October at 9500 North Point Road. Gates will open at 6 p.m., and tours begin at dark.

This weekend, Estep said he is preparing with the hundreds of all-volunteer cast members and pushing them to get ready.

The volunteers are able to get vouchers for the Edgemere-Sparrows Point Rec programs as well as school service-learning hours for participating. Estep said the program is always welcoming more volunteers.