Crime scene

DUNDALK — Police arrested a Dundalk man and woman after officers found a beaten man in the back of their trunk last Wednesday night.

Dundalk residents Devon Harrington, 36, and Jalisa Meador, 46, are in custody on kidnapping charges alleging two unidentified men as well as Harrington were caught on camera beating the man, identified as Kyle Gordon, in the parking lot of Kenny B’s Blue Marlin on Wednesday night before putting him in the trunk and driving away, according to charging papers filed against Harrington and Meador.

After 10 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 18, as police were searching for the vehicle at the restaurant, they got another 911 call where the caller said they had seen a group of people fighting in the parking lot of the Sail Inn, charging papers say.

Officers later found footage of Harrington meeting with a woman at the restaurant, who became upset at the sight of Gordon in the trunk and left, before Gordon attempted to escape and Harrington allegedly beat him again, before he and Meador threw Gordon back in the trunk, charging papers allege.

Heading to the restaurant, officers pulled over a car that was “traveling at a high rate of speed,” operated by Harrington, with Meador in the passenger’s seat, charging papers say.

After the two were taken into custody, police searched the vehicle and found Gordon “lying in the trunk of the vehicle with blood covering his face and obvious trauma to his head and face area.” He was disoriented to the point where he couldn’t say much besides his name, according to charging documents.

Harrington and Meador were both charged with kidnapping. Harrington faces additional charges of first- and second-degree assault and a second kidnapping offense.

The two were both ordered to be held without bail last Friday.