Mindful You offers a calming space for local residents to practice mindfulness.

DUNDALK — Crystal Crisp celebrated her Mindful You Yoga & Wellness Studio’s one-year anniversary by expanding the space, adding a second larger studio space, a bodywork room and a larger front desk area with an herbal apothecary and in-house herbalist.

It was always Crisp’s dream to open a boutique-style studio close to her home in Dundalk. That dream came true in August 2018 when she launched Mindful You Yoga & Wellness Studio in the 1700 block of Poplar Place.

Before taking a leap into entrepreneurship, Crisp traveled “far and wide” to teach in Baltimore City, Columbia, Perry Hall and Bel Air. Ultimately, she felt a need to offer Dundalk and the surrounding communities an experience of a yoga studio that provides unique styles of yoga with a focus on wellness and mindfulness.

Crisp became a registered yoga teacher in 2017 after participating in the art of yoga for 20 years and earned additional certifications focused on gentle somatic yoga and breathwork.

Currently, Crisp is taking a 300 hour master training course in energy medicine yoga.

Crisp’s goal is for Mindful You Yoga & Wellness Studio to assist students with their life journey through yoga. Every class highlights mindfulness, being present, aware of breath, movement, bodily sensations and thoughts.

“Yoga’s health benefits are far reaching and life-changing,” Crisp said.

“Mindfulness leads to deep relaxation and transformation on a physical, mental, and emotional level. This is the community’s yoga, not based on the current yoga fitness craze, but on mindfulness.”

Whether it’s the early morning or the late evening, Mindful You offers a variety of classes that are held daily. There are currently 17 regularly-scheduled weekly classes and workshops, that are held multiple times a month, taught by different teachers.

Crisp confirmed that her yoga studio is moving into a “whole wellness” direction by including private services for the mind, body, and soul.

All of the instructors at Mindful You are certified with at least 200 hours of yoga training, according to Crisp. Each instructor is required to continue training in their chosen specialty on a regular basis to better support their students.

Crisp, who grew up in several different areas of Baltimore County, acknowledges Dundalk as home and says she has felt nothing but “love and support” from the Dundalk community.

“Lots of students, who are completely new to yoga, enter our doors and immediately feel the value in the practice of yoga,” Crisp said. “We also have students that have been traveling outside the community for years, much like myself, to experience yoga. Now, they are incredibly grateful that Dundalk has a beautiful, now newly-expanded yoga/wellness studio with many amenities including convenient parking, complimentary tea, mats, and props to use.”

Mindful You Yoga Studio is space for the community to gather to experience the essence and depth of yoga, Crisp said.

“Yoga is for every body and Mindful You yoga classes are not only perfect for beginners by offering adaptations and modifications for students, but also for more advanced yoga students,” Crisp said.