Crime scene

A 45-year-old man was arrested for allegedly wielding a machete at a flea market in Veterans Park on Saturday morning.

Jackie Lynn Pickett, of no fixed address, is being held without bail on charges of armed robbery and first-degree assault for the Saturday incident, where charging papers allege he took a suitcase, which was open and displaying electronics and gift cards, from a vendor and brandished a machete when questioned about it.

When the vendor saw Pickett wheeling the suitcase away, he allegedly told her he had bought it for $40, and when the vendor reached for it, he allegedly unveiled a machete which was wrapped in a jacket in the suitcase, telling the vendor “don’t make a scene,” and pointing it at her, charging papers allege, still insisting he had bought the suitcase.

“Pickett began [to] point the machete at various onlookers in Veterans Park and stated ‘anybody wanna get Zorro’ed around here’,” the charging papers, which were filed by Precinct 12 Officer Weigle, say. He later put the machete away and demanded cash for the suitcase, which he later abandoned and left.

Charging papers say a witness who had followed Pickett after the incident escorted Officer Weigle to an alleyway behind Level-Up Gaming, where a machete and sheath, seen in witness videos of the incident, were found in a dumpster.

Police searching the backpack after the incident found just over $1000 in gift cards and electronics inside, charging papers say.

At the Precinct, Pickett allegedly “threatened to assault and kill Ofc. Weigle” and made movements “as if he were preparing to engage in a physical altercation” with the officer, telling him he was “gonna take your job” and calling him a homophobic slur.

Pickett was charged with armed robbery, robbery, first-degree assault, theft and using a dangerous weapon with intent to injure, and was ordered held without bail, although a court commissioner held him alleging he was incompetent. He is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in November.