Sen. Johnny Ray Salling


Entering the ring early, incumbent state Sen. Johnny Ray Salling (R-6) has filed to run again for his seat in the state Senate.

Salling, a lifetime Dundalk resident who graduated from Sparrows Point High School, said he is a “by the people, for the people” type of politician.

“I go out, and I meet with the people, I talk with the people, I listen to their concerns,” he said this week.

Salling, a former steelworker, said his proudest accomplishments in the senate was passing a bill which pays for trade school education and a veterans property tax exemption bill passed while Salling, a former combat engineer for the U.S. Army, served as the vice chair of the veterans caucus.

In future sessions, Salling said he is working on a “9/11 Project,” which would require all schools to teach a unit on what happened on during the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

“I want every kid that’s in school to understand about 9/11, and what happened. And I’d like them to see a video,” Salling said.

He said he’s also looking to push more support for veterans, as well as education initiatives “to make sure our kids are safe in school,” and work to protect police forces.

Salling was also recently appointed to the Senate’s Spending Affordability Committee.

Salling, along with Del. Ric Metzgar (R-6), filed for re-election last Friday, long before the state’s decennial redistricting process is set to be completed. When that process is completed after the General Assembly’s session next spring, candidates’ filing district will be switched to whichever district their address falls under.

Final drafts of the Governor’s redistricting commission’s maps show Dundalk, including Salling, who lives in Colgate, in a district which crosses the city line into Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Those maps will be discussed at length during the session.

The 2022 primary elections are currently scheduled for June 28, 2022.