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Question: Dear Stacy, I go to therapy to deal with my racing and processing thoughts, because I have a ton of things going on at one time. I understand I let myself get into a loop, but I sometimes see the frustration on my therapist’s face and now I feel shut down to her. I do listen to what she says, and going to therapy is a way for me to escape and say whatever I want and feel to get it off my chest and to process it. I feel some sort of way when my therapist puts her head down, shakes her head at me, gets frustrated and tells me I need to stop! If I could stop, I wouldn’t need therapy. I don’t think I can talk to her anymore because I don’t need another person telling me to “get out of my head.” I write things down, but how I process is talking about it. What do you recommend that I do to deal with these feelings toward my therapist? –Upset in Upton

Answer: Dear Upset in Upton, I am sorry that you are experiencing these feelings toward your therapist. Building a trusting therapeutic alliance takes time and your relationship with your therapist is unique from any other relationships. In most instances, your therapist gets to know you in a very intimate way that others may not.

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