The Dundalk boys basketball team had a good run in the 2010’s, consistently winning close to 20 games, reaching the Baltimore County championship game for the first time and making a couple of appearances in the Class 3A North region championship game.

But the Owls always struggled to beat Milford Mill.

Now, granted, the Miller squad stunned by Sparrows Point last week is not nearly as formidable as the teams Dundalk knocked heads with during the previous decade.

But the Pointers are the program that has struggled to beat, well, anyone. Except for Carver A&T and Patapsco.

Now, Sparrows Point is changing its identity from the team that only won three games during the previous three seasons combined (while going winless during the 2016-17 season) to a team that could make a decent playoff run in another month.

Until it runs into Dunbar. The Poets are in the same section as the Pointers, and while the 16-time state champion is also not as formidable lately — didn’t even win a regional title last year! — I don’t think Sparrows Point is capable of knocking off Dunbar.

(Extra motivation provided free of charge.)

Things will get interesting in a couple of weeks (Feb. 5, to be precise) when Sparrows Point plays at Dundalk. to challenge the Owls for local boys basketball supremacy.

(Now, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d be writing.)

It’s been ... a long time ... since Sparrows Point beat Dundalk in boys basketball. During the 2010’s, the Owls could win the game by as many points as they wanted.

A couple of years ago, Dundalk beat Sparrows Point by 60 points.

(Note to Pointer coaches who felt that was running up the score: its the equivalent of what your girls soccer and lacrosse teams do to Dundalk.)

Patapsco pushed Dundalk to the final seconds last week. The Owls best be on their game (as in, no more 12-for-33 performances at the foul line) when the Pointers come visiting next month.

* * *

As I said, I had no real confidence in the Packers winning in San Francisco. But if Kansas City can stop the 49er’s from running the ball, the Chiefs win easily.

If the Super Bowl comes down to quarterbacks, both making their first appearance in the big game, Patrick Mahomes holds a significant edge over the guy who has spent the postseason handing off.

* * *

The important thing is, I’m finally excited about a Super Bowl for the first time since the Ravens last appeared in it.

The past three seasons, my only interest was rooting against New England; I really didn’t care about the Rams, Eagles and Falcons.

Denver-Carolina? Hate the Broncos and John Elway (Denver 31, Green Bay 24). Didn’t care much for Cam Newton that season (spends all season doing a ridiculous touchdown celebration, mocks defenses, telling them if they don’t want to see him dance, don’t let him score, and then is surprised the next season to be the subject of constant cheap shots).

Patriots-Seahawks? Man, I was wishing for some way they could both lose.

Seahawks-Broncos? See proceeding two paragraphs (Pete Carroll is a jerk).

But this season, yeah, I can root for the Chiefs. Great to see them in the Super Bowl after 50 years. That Mahomes kid made a Lamar Jackson-type run for a touchdown against the Titans.

Plus, who did the 49er’s just beat to get to this point? They gotta pay. Plus, JerryRice admits to using illegal stickum during his career — and nobody cares.

* * *

If the Ravens score on their first drive against the Titans, they roll. No one will ever convince me otherwise.

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