It’s 2019. Practically 2020 (a year I believed i would never live to see). Yet trying to find online information about Baltimore County sports — primarily schedules and scores — is still a bit of a mess.

I’m starting to yearn for the days when the county would just mail out hard copies of the schedules, and i would just circle the local teams’ games.

Now, I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but shouldn’t there be an efficient, simple way to post schedules and scores online?

(With apologies to Dennis Miller.)

County Sports Zone, the web site which was the official partner of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) and the place where the state playoff brackets and results from the regional and state track and wrestling championships were posted, was a decent site to find schedules and scores.

Note the past tense. The site has been revamped, and is certainly ... more colorful. As for more useful ... well, maybe they should post a FAQ. All I know is, the site seems more complicated for no apparent improvement.

And I haven’t found a single score (that, however, is the responsibility of the schools. County Sports Zone can only report what is posted. Maybe coaches are having as difficult time as I am trying to decipher the new interface).

There’s DigitalSports, the site several athletic directors tell me to use (apparently it has replaced the individual schools’ athletic web sites, like It’s easier to navigate and understand than the new Sports Zone, but requires way too many mouse clicks to do anything, insists on opening a new tab in my browser every time I want to do something, and the ... pages ... take ... a ... long ... long ... long ... time ... to ... load.

The site was also missing scores, but, again, that’s not the site’s fault.

MaxPreps can be a good site to find it all: schedules, scores, rosters, results from past seasons — if someone uploads all this info. The record is spotty; some coaches do, many don’t.

As one guy covering six high schools, it helps to have a central spot to find schedules and, particularly, scores, without having to track down a dozen individual coaches to find out.

It’s 2019. Is it that hard for the county to have this information on their own web site, rather than farming it out to sites unaffiliated with the school system (the county releases standings every week, so someone is keeping track) Schools can’t find students who would happily keep the info meticulously updated?

Then again, I’m still waiting for Baltimore County to replace last year’s divisional alignments on its web sites with the new 2019-20 divisional alignments.

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