Considering how often it rained during the fall season, we really shouldn’t be surprised by the repeated snowstorms that disrupted the winter season. Kinda on edge over what spring has in store for us ...

By the time you read this, the Dundalk boys basketball team will either be disbanding for the season, or preparing for the Class 3A North Regional championship game on Friday against either Lansdowne (hopefully) or Woodlawn.

(Pulling for Lansdowne, because that game would be at Dundalk while Woodlawn would be a road game).

The Owls were to play at C. Milton Wright on Wednesday (hold on — let me check the weather forecast. Calling for sunshine) in a sectional final game that has become so routine it should be on each team’s schedule.

This will be the fifth straight year the two teams have met in the sectional final/regional semifinal. Each team has won twice, with the home team prevailing each time.

Hence, you see the challenge Dundalk faced on Wednesday.

On the other hand, a visiting team in this series has to win eventually, right? I think it’s stated in the law of averages, or something along the lines of “Karma should eventually smite a team whose fans are major jerks.”

(Recall last year’s game at Dundalk, when CMW fans chanted “sucks!” after every Dundalk player’s name in pre-game introductions. Although there was another CMW fan following my twitter updates who was pretty classy. He was an adult, however.)

It’s frustrating for me, with this column not being read until after the game (although perhaps fortunate for me that no CMW fan will see I called them “major jerks” until after I visit the school to cover the game). All my clever motivational comments will be wasted.

The Owls did look impressive on Monday against Edgewood. There was the obligatory slow start, but it lasted only minutes and Dundalk never trailed by more than three points.

By the end of the first quarter, the Owls were in the process of blasting the Rams off the court. No messing around, no letting the game get close: just sweeping away the team between them and the next round.

Dundalk can beat C. Milton Wright in its home gym. As I’ve pointed out, the Owls whipped a Dulaney team packed with potential NCAA Division I prospects on its home court.

Three years ago, the Owls led the Mustangs by seven points in the forth quarter. C. Milton Wright rallied, then went on to win the Class 3A state title.

Of course, Dundalk is more likely to lose. The Mustangs won 17 games during the regular season and that hostile gym is a tough place to play.

There; that should ward off any possible jinx caused by this provisional motivational tactic:

If the Owls went to C. Milton Wright on Wednesday and upset the Mustangs, their next challenge is realizing the job isn’t finished. There’s still a regional final on Friday, possibly against the only team (Woodlawn) to beat Dundalk by more than five points during the regular season (again, we’re not counting the Oakland Mills game).

If the Owls did manage to finally win at C. Milton Wright, it ultimately won’t matter if they don’t win on Friday and remove “last regional title: 1971” from the program’s history.

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