A couple of notes to start:

Patapsco has a new boys basketball coach, and he’s hosting a free basketball clinic next month.

Evan Dougherty replaces Brendan Reilly, who’s still at the school but stepped down as head basketball coach due to family commitments.

The free basketball clinic will be held on Nov. 2, a Saturday, from 10 a.m. to noon in the Patapsco High gymnasium.

The clinic is for boys and girls, ages 7 through 13.

For more information about the clinic, contact Dougherty at edougherty@bcpa.org.


Which reminds me: longtime Dundalk boys basketball coach Steve Oppenheim has stepped down as the Owls’ coach.

Oppenheim has led the Owls through one of the most successful eras in Dundalk basketball history, twice reaching the Class 3A North region championship game in a region loaded with powerhouse teams, as well as Dundalk’s first berth in the Baltimore County championship game.

Expect a new coach to be announced within the next few weeks.


Dundalk freshman Jaelyn Jackson won the Baltimore County Girls Novice Golf Tournament last week at the Rocky Point Gold Course.

Jackson shot a 40 through nine holes, and finished just one stroke behind the boys’ winner.


So I’m watching the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Indianapolis (groan) Colts on Sunday night when Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes escapes the rush, gets outside the pocket, rolls to his right and completes a pass to an open receiver in the end zone.

And commentator Chris Collinsworth gushes: “Only Mahomes could make that play!” During the replay, he continued with this “can’t believe what I just saw” praise.

(No. Kirk Gibson limping to the plate as a pinch-hitter and delivering a game-winning home run that sparked the Dodgers to an incredible World Series win over the heavily-favored A’s is a “can’t believe” moment. Not a touchdown pass in a game the Chiefs lost.)

Okay, Mahomes is great. He’s an elite quarterback and has the potential to be one of the league’s greats (although let’s keep in mind this is his second year as a starter, all right?).

But — “only Mahomes!” can make that play? Maybe relax a bit on the hyperbole, huh, Collinsworth?

Frankly, if an NFL team has a quarterback who can’t evade the rush, get outside the pocket and complete a pass to an open receiver 27 yards away, well, perhaps it’s time to find a new quarterback.

I grew up watching Fran Tarkenton of the Vikings and Roger Staubach of the Cowboys (greatest quarterback of all time, by the way) routinely scramble around for several seconds, make several defenders miss, and complete passes downfield.

And those two didn’t have nearly the physical gifts of Mahomes. Plus they played in an era of open season on quarterbacks, when passers were routinely clobbered, went back to the huddle, wiped the blood off of their face and called the next play.

Heck, you telling me Aaron Rodgers couldn’t make that play, Chris?

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