It happens every time I cover an event at Dundalk High: I use the entrance off Delvale Avenue that leads to the parking lots, then have to stop and wait.

Because someone in their vehicle, usually a giant SUV, is sitting in the two-land driveway that runs between the stadium and the locker rooms exit, blocking traffic. And vehicles stuck behind the stopped vehicle try to go around it, and end up head-to-head with someone in the opposing lane.

No one is going anywhere. Oh, the vehicle blocking traffic could, but they sit there, acting oblivious to the traffic chaos they’ve caused.

There are signs all along that stretch of the driveway that read “No stopping.” Apparently, the illiteracy rate amongst adults is getting bad. One wonders how they passed the driving tests.

The people sitting there blocking traffic are waiting to pick up their children when they leave the locker rooms. And they wait for as long as 15-20 minutes or more (I’ve timed them. Next, I start posting photographs).

Here’s a thought: go park in the parking lot and wait for your kids. They go to school there; they know the way to the lot. And they’re athletes, so the 30-yard walk isn’t going to be too much for them.

Or, if you’re concerned about your children making that treacherous 30-yard trek after dark, then park your car in the lot, walk to the locker room exit, and wait for them.

That way, you can escort them for that 30-yard walk along a well-lit path, and get some exercise for yourself.

Just stop blocking the driveway. It’s inconsiderate, rude, and there will eventually be a collision as vehicles try to dart around the stopped vehicle, and hit an incoming car they couldn’t see in time because, as I’ve mentioned, it seems to usually be large SUV’s blocking the driveway.

Or, worst, a student is going to get hit as cars vehicles jockey to get around the roadblock.


Dundalk and Patapsco are now both 3-3, but the Owls are in a much better position to make the Class 3A North Region playoffs right now.

The Owls are in sixth-place in the 13-team region, with the top eight advancing to the playoffs. The Patriots are in 11th place, and would not advance if the playoffs started this week.

Eleven of the 13 teams have records of 4-2, 3-3 and 2-4, so its still wide open. Only Mervo (6-0) and defending state champion Franklin (5-1, with the loss coming against private school power McDonogh) have separated themselves from the pack.

With three games remaining, Patapsco plays Pikesville (1-5), a Class 1A school; Dundalk; and Loch Raven (5-1), a Class 1A school.

The Patriots may still get in, providing they beat Pikesville and Loch Raven and some other teams falter. It hurts that both are Class 1A teams, worth only five points when beaten, but the Raiders’ five wins (and counting) provide five bonus points.

In addition to Patapsco, Dundalk hosts Towson (3-3) and plays at Perry Hall (0-6). The Owls should finish 6-3 and could host a first-round game.

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