Allow me to be a Dundalk High alumnus and former Owl athlete for a moment:


Lacrosse shutouts are rare. And Sparrows Point shut out both the Dundalk girls and boys teams, one after the other, on Friday.

Double ouch.

The outcome wasn’t unexpected — Sparrows Point just has too many advantages, starting with getting more lacrosse-ready athletes each year.

The Pointer boys have a good chance to reach the Class 1A state championship game this season. Sparrows Point should win its region, and I hear the North Region champ plays the South Region champ in the state semifinals.

The South Region is made up primarily of schools that usually aren’t that good at lacrosse.

The West Region has Smithsburg, which knocked Sparrows Point out of the state semis last season, while the East Region has defending state champion Patterson Mill.

The Pointer girls could also win a region title and possibly reach their first state championship game, providing the remember how to beat Loch Raven.

(Sparrows Point seemed to have that down pat, until losing to the Raiders in last season’s regional playoffs).

If the Pointers win the region and face the South Region champ — where the schools aren’t much better at girls lacrosse than they are boys — in the state semis, they’ll most certainly play Patterson Mill in the championship game.

If that happens, let’s just say ... it’s not soccer.

Yeah, the season isn’t even a week old and I’m already talking about the state championship game.

Give me a break. Only two games were played last week, with a cumulative score of 35-0. There isn’t much else to talk about.

(Still being an Owl) Back in my day, we hardly knew Sparrows Point existed. Why? Because we didn’t play them in anything. Why? Because it would have been pointless (no pun intended). With the exception of possibly boys soccer, we would have crushed them.

(Well, baseball and softball can be “any give day” sports. And there was no girls soccer then, Pointer fans.)

I ran track. We knew Sparrows Point existed, because of Rachel Clary.

Sparrows Point’s edge right now is mainly in girls sports. The Pointer boys dominate in lacrosse and wrestling, while Dundalk is superior in basketball and football (if it was worthwhile for the Owls to play the Pointers in football). Baseball and soccer are a slight edge to Sparrows Point, but it is far from unbeatable. Dundalk dominates in boys track, Sparrows Point in tennis (co-ed sport).

Okay, Dundalk alumnus mode switched to OFF.

* * *

Anyone else sick to death of things just going Duke’s way? Anyone else, and that follow-up at the end of the Central Florida (which was nearly my college alma mater) game goes in.

And don’t get me started on the officials ignoring the first contact on Zion Williamson’s final drive to the basket, so they could blow the whistle when he arrived at Tacko Fall and his four fouls.

And Maryland is out of the tournament because its tough to defend against a play where the ballhandler picks up the ball, tucks it against his side, takes two steps, and then attacks the basket.

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