I’m sure you heard in the news last week that my colleagues in the General Assembly voted three times to overrule Gov. Larry Hogan’s vetoes on bills that raised the minimum wage to $15 a hour, allowed schools to start the school year before Labor Day and taking away alcohol enforcement duties from the Comptroller’s office.

I voted against all three of these bills when they were first introduced on the floor. I was happy that Gov. Hogan vetoed all three measures. I also voted against the veto override on all three.

Minimum Wage

This bill will raise the minimum wage up to $15 an hour by 2025. I have talked to many businesses across our District and they said they cannot afford the increase. Many businesses have just adjusted to the recent increase of $10.10 an hour from the previous minimum wage increase. This bill only hurts small businesses and will hurt the free market and working families.

We are finally turning the corner in Maryland and in District 6, and I am fearful this will set us back.

SB 128 Community Control of School Calendars Act

I have no idea why legislators decided to pass a bill to undo Gov. Hogan’s mandate of starting school after Labor Day. Businesses across the state and many families approve of starting school after Labor Day. Although this General assembly overrode Gov. Hogan’s veto, there is a great chance that the Governor will try to get this issue sent for a referendum on the ballot for the 2020 Election. We will keep you updated if there is a petition drive to keep the start of school after Labor Day.

HB 1052 Alcohol and Tobacco Commission

This bill was created based on pure politics since Comptroller Peter Franchot and some members of his own party have been in a power struggle and this bill was created to move alcohol enforcement from the Comptroller’s Office. I did not like the politics behind the bill. That is why I voted against the bill and the override.

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