The Dundalk Independence Day Parade Committee is so excited to have its traditional Independence Day Parade this year they couldn’t wait to get started with preparations.

Wanting to get back in the swing of things and to get a little practice in, they scheduled an Easter Parade for Saturday, April 3. Through Facebook, Dundalkians were able to vote for their street to be a part of the route. When Mr. Bunny told his friends there was a Parade, they asked to participate.

From noon-4 p.m., the Easter Bunny (a.k.a. Joe Stadler) traveled the neighborhood streets of Dundalk waving to children and adults alike with Elmo (Avery Ray), Poppy Troll (Rebecca Weber), Skye (Angie Feuer), Marshall (Benny Harlow), Minnie Mouse (Suzanne Stadler), Mickey Mouse (Debbie Feuer), Godzilla (Jason Lilli), King Kong (Rocco Lilli), and Lady Liberty (Jess Lilli).

The procession was led by the Purkey Pumper fire-shooting, bubble-blowing fire engine (bubbles and fire controlled by Nate Purkey) with directions given by Christopher Ratajczak, followed by all the characters in Jeeps and trucks (supplied by Scott Smith of Watersedge) and then ending with the Easter Bunny traveling on the bright yellow Basket Truck Fire Engine driven by John “Purkey.”

Thank you Dundalk for supporting the Easter Parade, we loved seeing so many friendly smiling faces!

For more pictures from the route check out the Dundalk Independence Day Parade Facebook page.

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