To the Editor,

On March 23, my mom went to Gold’s Gym on Merritt Blvd. at 8:30 p.m.

By 9 p.m., someone had broken the back seat window of her brand new SUV and had stolen her purse.

They were able to spend HUNDREDS of dollars at Wal-Mart. In literally 30 minutes! That’s all it took.

We searched the area for her purse in hopes they tossed it after getting her credit cards, but had no luck.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this happening in the Gold’s parking lot. I know a lot of my friends go to that gym, so please be careful!

The police are checking with Wal-Mart to get security footage, but Gold’s said they do not monitor their parking lot and have not been very helpful so far. How or why they don’t have security cameras is beyond me. It’s absolutely ridiculous. This has made us sick.

If you know the person who did this, we really just want the purse and its contents back. There are personal items and medications in there that we really need.

Gold’s need more security. They told me they had cameras and that they are able to help, but when the police went in the gym, they told the officer they do not have cameras that THEY monitor.

The management company has cameras that Gold’s does not have access to. The management company has been contacted by my mom, and the police and have not returned any calls and have not assisted us.

This happens in that parking lot enough times that Gold’s needs to step in and provide their own security cameras outside, even just to protect themselves and their employees.

More cameras in the parking lot is obviously not going to solve the problem, but it may deter some from attempting theft. Had they had cameras that night, the police could have gone right in and viewed footage within an hour or two of it happening.

Also, the Wal-Mart in Rosedale where they used the credit cards allowed them to try four different credits cards until the fifth one finally worked. Not once did they ask for ID.

Emily Andrews

Dundalk, MD

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