To the Editor,

I grew up in Highlandtown but I came to Dundalk 20-something years ago because I could no longer afford to live in the city. Whether you own your home or you rent like I do, you should still have pride in where you live.

If you don’t want to clean the whole block, start with your own house and your neighbors. Don’t wait for a truck, don’t wait for a community association. Do it yourself and have some pride. You might not be rich, but you can be rich with values and self esteem and pride. It’s not always about owning things.

You live here. Come on and wake up and smell the coffee, people! I love other people, I love God, and I love animals. I hope this inspires someone. It can feel lonely when you’re sweeping and some punks drive by and throw a Wendy’s bag on the street. You’re not alone when you’re cleaning. I hope this inspires someone to do the right thing.

It takes more than one, but not that many people. Ten decent people can make a difference. I think it’s that you have to like yourself before you can do these things, and people don’t like themselves anymore.

I feel blessed to still be living in Dundalk. I could be living in West Baltimore. A cleaner home makes you this is the best you have, so make the best of it.


Dundalk Citizen

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