To the Editor,

No matter what Mother Nature gives us, Dundalk’s Fourth of July celebrations come through.

Our 44th Heritage Fair again this year had hot and steamy weather, with two bouts of rain. Heavy rain and severe lightning Friday evening took out the electricity to the park, cancelling the opening ceremonies.

However, after much work, the main act was able to perform and the opening ceremonies were held on Saturday. Rain and wind in the early hours of Sunday morning did some damage to tents throughout the park, which we had to replace and clean up debris.

It was an “all hands on deck” effort Friday evening and the wee hours of Sunday. Many had just left the park at close on Saturday night, only to be called from their homes because of the storm’s damage. In both instances, board members and volunteers were there to repair, replace and return the park to normal so the show could go on.

A special thanks to all for their above and beyond efforts, and to everyone who came to enjoy the fair. We cannot do this without you.

So many people do so many jobs behind the scenes. One such person is P.J. Jackson, who, before the fair program can go to the printer, does the layout and designs the cover according to the theme selected. To P.J., our gratitude and thanks for a job well done over many years.

As usual, there were some snags this year, but our County Executive, Johnny Olszewski and senior outreach coordinator Pete Kricumas, answered all our calls for help — from squaring away the liquor license to getting the grass cut in the park. They did everything possible to smooth out the problems. Thanks to both of them.

July 4th started with the 6K run that follows the parade route for the most part. Again, Paul Rosenberger did an outstanding job organizing, and the race went off without a hitch. There were over 200 participants.

Thanks to the residents along the route for providing encouragement, water and in some places a quick spray of water from a sprinkler. The runners were grateful.

The 85th Independence Day Parade went smoothly under the direction of co-chairs Will Feuer and Mike Mioduszewski. There were an abundance of community groups represented this year, providing parade watchers with a “visual directory” of what the greater Dundalk area has to offer. The bands and marcher ket your toes tapping and hands clapping.

And who could forget the finale to all of this — fireworks on the evening of the 4th. Jim Rutter, chair, and his crew provided Dundalk with the perfect ending to our celebrations. The fireworks seemed especially spectacular this year, very high in the sky.

We would like to give thanks to The Dundalk Eagle for their continuing coverage of all the events in our 4th of July celebration; you are an important part of our endeavors.

Joseph Falbo

President, Heritage Association of Dundalk

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