To the Editor:

In his response to Eastpoint Carnival melee, Councilman Crandell takes a page from the demagogue’s playbook and blames outsiders.

Dundalk is “under siege,” he said, by “City residents” who want “nothing more than to commit crime and cause chaos.” Blame the Boogey Man.

Never mind the area’s own travails of poverty, aging housing stocks and out-of-state property management companies that jack up rents because they’re allowed to when council members like Crandell don’t do their job.

Never mind those city residents who work at Amazon, FedEx and other area companies to the benefit of the surrounding communities. No, it’s easier to point to ‘those others’ as the cause for the community’s problems, just like that ‘Great Leader’ in the White House and his fixation on immigrants — illegal and otherwise — storming the border.

Crandell, stop scratching that itch to inflame divisions, and get to work.

John G. Bailey


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