I noted in a Dec.20 Eagle article (“Olszewski names county’s first Ethic and Accountability Director”) that County Executive Johnny O, recently announced the appointment of our first Ethics and Accountability Director. I’m sure everyone wishes the appointee, Ms. Kelly Beckman Madigan, the best of luck in providing oversight of Baltimore County government in the areas of fraud, abuse and illegal acts.

I also read with interest the By the People article “All I Want for Christmas” in which several area citizens made a rather compelling case that Mr. Olszewski may have been “less than candid” in his September remarks to the Eastfield-Stanbrook Civic Association, stating that a contract extension existed for the sale of North Point Government Center Park. Apparently, it took more than three months for Baltimore County to acknowledge in writing that there is no contract extension.

Clearly, Johnny’s visit, with executive staff in tow, had a purpose. His carefully chosen words were supposed to deliver some message. They were more than an example of someone misspeaking and invite an important follow-up question – why?

In announcing Ms. Madigan’s appointment as Ethics and Accountability Officer, Mr. Olszewski stated, “I’m confident that she will help ensure that our government is held to the highest standards.” As John Olszewski, Jr. is the head of our county government, one can only hope that the Ethics and Accountability Director will consider reviewing his September comments to ESCA and weigh in on the county executive’s accountability for his “misspoken” comments.

This citizen is curious as to whether the high standards that Johnny O champions for everyone else in county government also apply to him – or is it just another case of “do as I say, not as I do?”

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