To the Editor,

I would like to comment on a little ditty by our County Executive on page 11 of last week’s Eagle.

It was an executive order from 2017, by the late County Executive Mr. Kamenetz, concerning immigration.

My political preference is of no concern. But under the First Amendment, no matter The Eagle’s stance, I have the right!

I won’t mention our County Executive’s name, but I feel he has no consideration for the seniors of Baltimore County!

I’m 71 years old and depend on social security and a cut pension from Bethlehem Steel. My property taxes are high enough and I just got a cell phone from my son. Our executive taught at PHS. What did he teach? Socialism?

What part of illegal don’t they understand? Open borders, everything free! Drug smugglers, child peddlers, no assistance during ICE raids. Does he think the citizens of Baltimore County are with him? I think NOT!

Respectfully, Lee McClelland


Editor’s Note: The statement on immigration from the County Executive in last week’s paper was printed because it is newsworthy. No endorsement or other comment was given from The Dundalk Eagle. We received the statement just before press time and ran it as received. We welcome all letters to the editor on any topic, but do reserve the right to request edits or not print letters that are not brief, are full of impolite language or otherwise do not meet content standards. We also reserve the right to edit for space. Thanks for supporting community news! We love hearing from you!

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