I read the Letter to the Editor written by Bob Staab, Chas Scheidt and Rick Cruz (“All I want for Christmas,” Dec. 19, 2019) in the Eagle and wondered whatever happened to the idea of letting the dead rest in peace?

I was not a supporter of many of the late County Executive Kamenetz’s political policies and never hesitated to weigh in regarding my thoughts when he was alive. However, upon his untimely passing, I decided to say a prayer and “Let it Be”. He and his family deserved no less. Isn’t that what a civilized society is supposed to do? Apparently, Johnny O never got the memo on this most basic of human courtesies.

At the Eastfield-Stanbrook Civic Association meeting in September Mr. Olszewski “misspoke” (some would say lied) regarding “a contract extension” for the controversial sale of North Point Government Center Park. He attributed the fault for “the extension that wasn’t” to the late Mr. Kamenetz’s administration. There was NO extension.

On Dec. 6, Mr. Olszewski is attributed by WYPR while noting his 1st year “accomplishments” as stating that the previous administration had not been honest about the county’s fiscal situation. If this is the way Mr. Olszewski shows respect to a previous ally and friend, one might wonder what limits, if any, does he have in his quest for his next political office — be it County Executive or as rumored by some, Governor.

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