I have seen the proposed Senatorial and Delegates District Maps submitted by the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission, I am against this proposed map. I am scheduled to testify against this map on Wednesday, October 27th.

Let me state that this map is only a proposal from the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission, and it is unlikely to be passed by the General Assembly.

This proposal calls for the current 6th District to break into three regions.

Dundalk and Edgemere would be placed into a Senatorial district along with southern Baltimore City; Essex and Middle River would merge into a Senatorial district with Harford County; and Rosedale would join a Senatorial district that would extend all the way to Towson.

As a realtor for over 35+ years, I have sold houses in Dundalk/Edgemere and in Baltimore City, so I know all the areas. I can tell you that Southeast Baltimore County has very little in common with Baltimore City.

The lifestyles in those areas are different. The problems and needs in Southeast Baltimore County are far different than the problems and needs of Baltimore City. The Essex area has a different lifestyle than Harford County, Rosedale and Towson they do not have the same problems. Dundalk, Edgemere, Essex, Middle River and Rosedale should remain grouped together since our neighborhoods are similar. I do agree with a single member district.

We deal with redistricting every 10 years. This map reminds me of a 2002 proposal where our district was divided into four areas. Luckily that map was defeated in court.

In 2010, I lost the election by less than 550 votes, the 2012 redistricting maps were redrawn to include Democrat areas of Middle River to try to defeat Republicans in 2014. It didn’t work as Republicans swept the district in ’14 and ‘18.

What makes redistricting different for 2022 is that we have a Republican Governor and a Democratic Legislature.

There is going to be a lot of negotiating back and forth over the next few months between both sides. Martin O’Malley even testified that Maryland was one of the worst gerrymandered states in the Country. We now have this opportunity to right the wrong that was created under Governor Martin O’Malley.

This is the final proposal submitted by the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission. The Maryland General Assembly’s redistricting commission is scheduled to release their proposed map in a few weeks.

I believe that this will be settled in the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis.

I will continue to update you on this issue.

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