To the Editor,

Personally, I don’t care what you call “New Americans” (per O’Mally) or “Immigrant neighbors” (per Johnny O.) or whatever. They are still illegally in this country and have no legal rights.

Everyone in this country came from some other country except the Indians to make a better life for themselves. My great grandparents were among them. But they came in legally. Do these people or You think they are any better than my ancestors? I don’t.

The only thing you are doing is assuring Baltimore County illegal residents that you are going to keep on harboring people that do not belong in this country and for the life of me I can’t figure out how you and many other politicians think that is right. You are using tax dollars that legal citizens pay to take care of these people. That includes their education and medical services that legal citizens have to pay extra for. Personally, I think everything that thinks like you are all sitting on your brains.

A lot of people trying to get into this country the legal way are having difficulty in doing so. You work on that and let them come in and I will welcome them with open arms.

Cecilia “Nida” Lesser (German and Irish)


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