Dear Eagle, While my close friends have always described me as a "screaming liberal," I do have some limits. The idea of an "open border" is, to say the least, idiotic. Has anyone who has proposed such lunacy given any thought to the logistics of taking care of a flood of literally millions of people? Feeding, clothing, housing and health care? Several of or presidential candidates have actually suggested free healthcare for illegal aliens (sorry... undocumented immigrants). Who is going to pay for this? We have 23 million Americans without health care. Shouldn't they come first?

I fully support legal immigration and political asylum. We are a country created by immigrants and we should never forget that, but things need to be done in an organized manner.

If you are in favor of an open border and free health care, are you in favor of major increases in your taxes to pay for it? Suddenly, things start to look different when it comes out of your own pocket.

While I'm on a tirade (I love a tirade), look at England's universal healthcare, then look at their tax base. If you want 40 to 50 percent of your pay to go to "free" healthcare for everyone, then go for it.

Just for the record, I think Trump will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever had. His foreign policies, his embracement of dictators and alienation of democracies, his war against the environment, denial of global climate change and highly questionable ethics (or lack thereof) on race will make him remembered forever. But, there is a problem with immigration and it needs to be addressed in an intelligent way, but demonizing all Hispanics as murderers, rapists and criminals is about as racist as you can possibly get, and is truly disgusting.

I'm sure this letter will tick people off on both sides. By the way, I also support equal rights for ALL people regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation. I support niml rights, and even the rights of most Republicans.

Bruce A. Ruth

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