Dundalk community and parade particpants,

On behalf of the Dundalk Heritage Independence Day Parade Committee, we extend our greatest heartfelt appreciation for your support of the parade! The parade is truly a community event and an opportunity to showcase all that Dundalk has to offer! This year we were overwhelmed with the amounts of churches, rec councils, community associations, service organizations, businesses and other groups that chose to enter the parade and come out early in the morning on a hot, humid day. We encourage any group to submit an application and hope we will get even more participation next year.

Our Facebook page will be active July 12 — we hope anyone who took pictures would be willing to share them for others to see. We even have a photo contest with prizes planned….details to follow. Please like and follow our page and get updates on some new plans for next year. We will post our meetings here and in the Dundalk Eagle, please plan to attend. We can always use more volunteers. We have a job for everyone! A great shout-out to all our volunteers; without you we couldn’t make it happen. Thank you for giving up your holiday time and the ability to watch the parade with family and friends to come down to the shopping center at 6 a.m. to spend hours helping to lineup and coordinate the different sections of the parade.

And thank you Dundalkians and visitors for coming out and lining our streets to listen to the music, see the floats and support your community! Without you we would have no parade. We love to see the curbs crowded with blankets and chairs and families spending time together watching Dundalk celebrate our Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, Dundalk, and we hope to see you next year!

On behalf of the committee,

Will Feuer and Mike Mioduszewski

Co-chairs, Dundalk Heritage Independence Day Parade 2018

Michael Andy, Bill Barry, Mike Barry, Jayson Bechtel, Kyle Burke, Dawn Dishon – Feuer, Bill Jankiewicz, Tammy Jankiewicz, Dave Mioduszewski, Megan Ann Mioduszewski, Dennis McCartney, Roy Moreland, Ken Moreland, James Shirk, Jason Slayton, Rosie Tallon, Victoria Van Dommelin, Eric Washington, and Emory Williams

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