To the Editor:

I have never sent anything to The Eagle in my 40 plus years of reading it. I read your story about the parade.

You are wrong ... I have sat directly across from the post office for over 25 years ...about 7:30 a car came through the parade route at about 50 mph.

Everyone there saw it ... his passenger side mirror was hanging by the wire.. the woman from WBAL was not there yet. The car made a left in front of the post office ... realizing the police had the road blocked at Dundalk Ave put the car in reverse.

That’s when people started beating on the window... he put the vehicle in drive and drove toward the police vehicle and at the last minute turned slightly and went over the curb and went straight into neighborhood across Dundalk Ave.

The man who hit the window .. his hand was swollen and I believe an ambulance did come .. Someone did say the car hit a child but the officer said that was not true, he would have heard that on his radio.

The officer told me he could have legally shot him because he was coming right at him ... I was there and that absolutely happened.

Editor’s Note: We are hearing you, Dundalk, but we are fascinated by the outrage here. We published a story with an official comment from police and our reporters and editor were somewhere along the parade route from 7 a.m. until the parade was over. Editor B. Rae Perryman was also a judge in the parade, and no one at the grandstand or otherwise said anything to her, nor reported to our staff along the parade route what is happening.

We believe there was incident. Of course we believe you, readers. We don’t believe that children were hit (addressed in the previous story), or that there was a manhunt and helicopter chase, as the person we quoted in our original story stated. We have received phone calls with screaming patrons, saying that we are ‘not doing our jobs,’ and have been told that ‘the police are lying’ to us.

We’re letting this rest. As your local newspaper editor, I am so sorry that you feel you cannot trust us to be reliable. I’m even more sorry that you feel you can’t trust police to be honest and accurate, as well. We do our best to bring you accurate news, and we do extremely well at it. Every year, our journalists win awards. We work days and nights on end to bring you the news you want. And we’re proud of and stand by our product.

Thank you for writing in to offer your experience. We publish things like this precisely because we don’t expect everyone to agree with us all the time, and we welcome alternate narratives within reason. Thank you all for supporting community news, and for reading your Eagle. We know we serve you well, and we appreciate reader feedback.

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