To the Editor:

I certainly hope that the people who voted for Johnny Olszewski, Jr. have been taking note of articles regarding him in the past two issues of The Dundalk Eagle.

The April 18th issue had an article regarding his proposal for an income tax hike — surprise, surprise a Democrat wanting to raise taxes. This tax raise is partially due to the overcrowding of our public schools which could be easily fixed by enforcing our immigration laws instead of making Maryland a sanctuary state forcing the hard working citizens to provide not only education benefits but health and food benefits for people and their children who are in our country illegally and pay no taxes.

The April 25th issue included his response to the fighting that occurred for the 2nd year at the Eastpoint carnival. His solution was to to support the closing of the carnival thereby punishing the residents of our local community by denying them the enjoyment of an event they have enjoyed for many years. This problem is not only affecting the Eastpoint Mall but also the White Marsh Mall.

So I guess the message from Mr. Olszewski to the Baltimore County citizens is dig deep in your pockets to support people who are in our country illegally who do not respect our laws & who benefit from our many programs but do not contribute to them and, if we have public disturbances at our many events in Baltimore County we will just shut those events down and that will teach those unruly mobs a lesson or two.

The message I get from Mr. Olszewski is that his methods are to deprive Baltimore County citizens of their own tax dollars being spent on programs that benefit the citizens of Baltimore County and to avoid the real problems that create these issues.

Peggy Alley,


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