I fear that Chas Scheidt’s hope that Johnny O will stand with Dundalk (letter to the editor, Oct. 24) will be in vain. What has Johnny O done for our community? He is in favor of open borders, which has contributed to Maryland becoming a sanctuary city, which of course has forced the taxpayers to provide food, medical and housing assistance to people who have entered our country illegally — a criminal offense that Johnny O thinks should be ignored.

We have veterans, that’s right, citizens who have sacrificed body, mind and life for our country, but has Johnny O shown any concern that these vets are denied the same benefits? Any concern that many vets are homeless and in need of health care? Now he wants to force landlords to accept Section 8 recipients in their properties, thereby taking the landlords’ right to choose who they want to rent to and put stable neighborhoods in jeopardy.

If the reservation of North Point Government Center Park is in Johnny O’s hands, then I seriously doubt that the wants and needs of our communities will be met.

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