Brandon Austin Boemmel

To the Editor,

Nick, Lisa, Nicholas, Macy, and The Boemmel Family would like to extend their greatest gratitude for the overwhelming support during this difficult time. A tragedy like this is almost unbearable. Having the support of family, friends and our community has helped us immensely to cope. We could never really express our thanks for how much this support has meant to us. We would like to mention the companies that have donated, and/or extended help and kindness during this time.

We would like to thank Dormakaba. Brandon was employed with Dormakaba for seven years. With the news, they immediately reached out to help in anyway. They allowed all employees to attend the funeral and take part using company vehicles to honor Brandon. We would like to thank Costas and Squires for providing a delicious meal during the family break and after funeral wake. They were patient and kind in making these steps as easy as possible. We would also like to thank Heath Bridge Wellness Center for their food donation.

We would like to thank Walmart Photo Center of Dundalk. They were more than helpful and gracious in assisting with getting a canvas and other photos of Brandon. This task was not easy, but they were proactive and wonderful. We would like to thank Essex Florist for always being a part of our family events and this one being no exception. We came in short notice and Donna was compassionate in directing us in what was needed.

We would like to thank Duda-Ruck Funeral Home for their direction and accommodations in a time needed most. We would like to thank St. Luke’s Parish for providing a pastor that was good-hearted.

We would like to thank Baltimore County and Baltimore City Police Departments for allowing patrol cars to keep our precession safe by blocking roads and intersections. The precession included 81 cars, 40 motorcycles and 10 work truck that were able to stay together and safely take Brandon to his final resting place. In addition to the police, we would like to thank The Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club participated in and took stand to block every single intersection during the precession. They came together to ride in honor of Brandon and showed tremendous support.

We would like to thank Fully Loaded transportation for giving the family safe transportation to and from dinner. We would like to thank Creekside Graphics and Tees for donating and creating a custom memorial t-shirt design. The memory of Brandon will continue, and it will be displayed by family and friends who are able to wear this shirt. The proceeds will be used in a way to additionally give back to the community.

We would like to thank Speed design and especially Davina for beginning the process with Brandon and continuing his legacy to name his new boat. We look forward to seeing the finished product cruising in open waters!

We would like to thank Sinai and Jennings H. Mitchell & Son Inc. for their continued support. The understanding and compassion of employers and coworkers will never be forgotten. We would like to thank the families and those who have brought food, baskets, and flowers to both our home, and the funeral. Those who stopped by the house to check in, the ones who packed the funeral home during the viewings and those that came to the funeral for support and respect. It was an overwhelming feeling of love.

Also, those who brought their loud vehicles and motorcycles to help honor Brandon were incredible. The longest precession we have ever experienced and the loud, revving engines made it special.

Lastly, but very importantly, we need to thank the Edgemere/Sparrows Point Community. This being our home for the past 31 years, we have celebrated all milestones from sports, church and schooling with our community. Even with this most difficult time, the community has been there for us still. From teachers, businesses, families, and more the outpour of love from this special place we call home has been incredible.

The love and support of everyone shows that there are more than enough great people still in the world. Although there will be difficult days ahead, we continue to know that he is and always will be shining down on us all.

With love, The Boemmels

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