To the Editor,

Editor B. Rae Perryman’s “The Mr. Rogers Litmus test” (Eagle 7-25) was one of the most uplifting and pertinent editorials I’ve read in The Eagle. She managed to shine a much-needed critical light on Dundalk without being offensive or condescending. Expressions of open hostility towards this or that racial group or ethnicity have unfortunately become characteristic of the current times. It has to stop.

As a baby-boomer, I witnessed the fissures in American society engendered by the Vietnam war deepen and expand since then into what we see today. The growing disparity of wealth since the late 1970s and elected leaders who play upon these wounds for political gain help explain the trend. But there’s no upside to this kind of rancor and hostility. We either swim together or sink. What would Mr. Rogers Do?

John G. Bailey


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