To the Editor,

I am appalled and I am really hurt that Children’s Day has been taken off the general calendar without the knowledge of the general public.

When did they take it off?

Why did they take it off?

I am advocating for them to take it back. This was not only observed in the community, homes, schools and churches. We used to have programs at church pertaining to Children’s Day that taught people to learn the scripture and taught behavior modification.

How do we reinstate Children’s Day?

The result is undisciplined children, from home, school, and the churches. It was taught at home first. The churches reinforced it, and schools also reinforced it.

In our homes, churches, and schools, we are seeing the result of neglect. Children are killing each other, not loving each other. They are disrespectful to great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and the teachers. They are very disrespectful in school, and they’re not attending Sunday School.

When I moved to Turner Station in the 60s, there were 3 schools and 12 churches. Now, there are no schools and we’re down to 7 churches. In those 7 churches, all of the Sunday School enrollment is nil or very few. There used to be programs for them to

Which of these churches are like the churches in the book of Revelation, which students aren’t being taught? I’ve been advocating for the children since 1997.

We had to learn Yes, Jesus loves me and Jesus loves the little children. They are not feeling that love. From home, from churches, or from the schools. Single parents are not getting married, and if it’s not God’s way, it’s all sin.

In the book of Genesis, God said he made male and female. And to be replicated in his image. And it’s still there. God did not change his mind.

The book of Proverbs is the instruction book for raising children. I dare the world to read the book of Proverbs. You can read one chapter per day. Sit down and read with your family. Pray grace, and have family meals together. Teach non-violence and love.


Servant Courtney Speed

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