Remember when you were 8 years old, in third grade, and the excitement you had when school started and you got a “brand new” pencil holder or notebook, or some colored pencils or even stickers of animals, flowers, or stars of red, blue, and gold?

That “happy feeling” and happy memory is what the members of The Woman’s Club of Dundalk, a local nonprofit organization, wanted to give to students who needed supplies to help them learn.

At their September monthly meeting last week, all the women brought in lots of school supplies. Barbara Blackman, member and coordinator of this project, delivered several boxes of colored folders, backpacks, crayons, etc. to Dundalk Elementary School directly after the meeting.

The Woman’s Club of Dundalk does “good” in our community. They have fundraisers and raffles throughout the year to help with the needs of people in Dundalk and surrounding areas.

If you would like any info about The Women’s Club of Dundalk, call Kelly Bowman, (Membership Chairperson) at 443-742-3817.

All women in the community are invited to the club’s next meeting which will be a meet-and-greet. Two successful Dundalk businesswomen will speak about their career journey. There will be light refreshments and a buffet The meeting will be held Tuesday, October 1 at Donna’s Tavern & Restaurant, 6607 Pine Ave. from 6-8 p.m.

The Woman’s Club of Dundalk is hoping to increase their membership. The more women in the club, the more good can be done for the community!

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