The 2022 General Assembly is now underway.

HB 113 would result in requiring Voter ID at the polling places. Our bill is a constitutional amendment that would put the debate of Voter ID on the ballot for the 2022 election. We want the voters to decide the matter. This legislation is to address the after math of the presidential election. We need to restore voter confidence to ensure democracy in our country.

We have officially pre-filed our two bills that call for voter ID at the polls (HB 113) and for Signature Verification (HB 99) on all absentee ballots in Maryland.

HB 99 would require all absentee/mail-in ballots to be approved from a signature verification and must be signed by a witness age 18 or older. Military personnel would be exempt from witness signature on mail-in ballot.

We want to hear your stories about voter fraud. Was there a time when you had any regularities when voting? Let us know by sending an email to or call 410-841-3458.

Another bill will address the environmental violations at Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant. It is unacceptable that raw sewage continues to be dumped into Back River. We are in the process of drafting legislation to address this problem. There will be more details after the bill is filed.

We are going to reintroduce our bills from previous sessions.

There are still homeowners that are eligible but not receiving the Homestead Property Tax Credit. I am going to reintroduce a bill that would send out notifications to all those property owners.

I am going to reintroduce my Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit Supplement bill that would increase the income limits for the Homeowner’s Property Tax credits in Baltimore County. The income levels have not been adjusted since 2006. With inflation, we are seeing less and less people eligible as income levels are rising but not enough to see a tax credit.

In addition, I will reintroduce legislation for school safety.

Redistricting is also on the schedule for this session. We worked on the Congressional Maps in December and will now vote on the State Legislative Maps this month.

Although I was happy to see that the proposed maps by LRAC kept the District 6 together, I still prefer Gov. Hogan’s Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission map.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 410-841-3458 or email us at

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