We’re in the dog days of mid-winter, and we’ve got the weather to prove it! One of my favorite winter activities is curling up with a good book, and our Eagle historian Blaine Taylor sure does have a lot of them!

One other way I pass the time throughout the year is by spending time with my family. I went to see Disney on Ice: World of Enchantment with my nephew and mother in Washington. I hope some of you young families enjoyed the show while it was in Baltimore. What a stunner!

For those who like to follow crime and public safety drama, we had quite the stir on Tuesday afternoon with the North Point Library. Check out the pages to see Avenue News editor Gianna DeCarlo’s great pictures of the hazmat team.

I’ve been slowly trying to ascertain what’s going on with the Baltimore County Police Department. While we love our officers and the great job they do keeping us safe and sound, as a newshound I am constantly on the lookout for a full arrest blotter. With ten precincts and a ton of square mileage to patrol, I understand the paperwork nightmare this would create.

But even though I back the blue, I’m a newspaper editor. We want full information made available to us so we can see what’s newsworthy and lob it throughout the community and into your front yards, mailboxes and web browsers. Rest assured, you will be getting the crime and police news that you deserve. It’s a delicate relationship balance and I want to approach the issue with respect.

But, we’re hearing you. More crime news!

As the weather drags its feet, be sure to check out all the wonderful community events happening in the coming days and weeks. There’s a Black History Month celebration this weekend, and a roast beef dinner at Graceland Methodist church that you don’t want to miss!

The world famous Knights of Columbus Friday fish fry is returning with the upcoming Lenten season, and the Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group has announced its video and essay contest winners.

The Dundalk Renaissance Corporation has started the year off with several events and opportunities to get your voice heard for the betterment of Dundalk. Per the request of many business representatives at the recent Main Street Business Group meeting, the DRC has scheduled an April meeting with the Blue Ocean President and staff to discuss the shopping center.

Next week, we’ve got a one-year retrospective on Charm City Medicus, and we’re going to take a deeper look at how marijuana policy affects our community. We’d love to hear from you!

Has cannabis helped you? Hurt you? What do you think about medical marijuana How about recreational use? Write me a note at editor@dundalkeagle.com.

I’m loving hearing from you!

And, to the several folks currently incarcerated that have written in to me, I hear you. I see you. You matter.

Thank you for sharing your struggles and ideas with us at The Eagle. We will be discussing incarceration and its effects on families and Dundalk in coming issues, as well. Keep writing to us, and tell us what you think!

Who knows? We might even print part of your letter!

Thanks for hanging in there with me, even though I’m new. Change is hard, and you are appreciated!

The stomach flu has been going around, and it’s cold and flu season, as well. We’ve seen a lot of you out there dropping like flies! Be careful and well out there, Dundalk!

Next week wraps up African American History Month, and you’ll finally see a special section announcing your community favorites!

Get ready for next week! It’s gonna be great!

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