To the Editor:

As a lifelong resident of Dundalk with four grandchildren, I have followed their education and achievements in their respective schools through the years.

This year, my youngest granddaughter graduated from Dundalk Middle School. A high honor was given to her as she was awarded the Dundalk Optimist Clubs “Girl of the Year” award. Herein lies the problem.

At her graduation ceremony held at Dundalk Middle School, she was not presented with her plaque commemorating this honor due to the fact that there was not a single representative in attendance from the Optimist Club!

There were two empty chairs on the stage reserved for these representatives, however, they were both empty!

This, to me, is like a slap in the face to both my granddaughter and her male counterpart who was named the “Boy of the Year.”

My granddaughter’s teacher did a wonderful job extolling her virtues and achievements which led to her nomination and subsequent winning of this award, however, to not have a representative of the Optimist Club there to present the award was just inexcusable!

Also, alas, as a community newspaper, there was, I believe, an absence of any coverage of the graduation ceremony or awards. I received my Eagle on Thursday at my home and anxiously went through the entire paper and could find no coverage of the graduation or mention of the Boy/Girl of the Year awards. Again, as a community paper, our students should be celebrated and congratulated for their achievements and the Optimist Club should be chided, and ashamed, for their apparent lack of understanding of what these achievements and recognition mean to the students who worked so hard for those awards.

Richard Kraemer


Editor’s Note: I regret the oversight, and what a wonderful honor! Please know that we are an editorial staff of three people running both The Eagle and The Avenue News. Had I been given a heads up about the event, I would have done my best to cover it, or have our Senior Reporter Charlene Mayo or Sports Editor Bill Gates cover it. (That’s it! That’s the whole staff!) Thank you so much for supporting local news with your Eagle subscription. You quite literally put food on our tables.

To all in the community, if you or your child or grandchild has done something notable, please send us your pics and captions to We absolutely LOVE to feature our achievers! We are so grateful to have so many wonderful people doing great things to fill our pages. We jump at the chance to include you. Thank you all again for supporting local news.

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