I am expressing my concern on the hateful anti-Semitic graffiti which was left on graves over the July 4th weekend at the Jewish cemeteries off German Hill Road. I understand there was a press conference, with representatives of various faith organizations, especially Jewish organizations.

In The Dundalk Eagle (7/15/2021) the majority of those were quoted expressed their anger, disappointment, but generally were more positive, fighting back, but also unity, a teaching lesson, that we love each other!

Unfortunately, Baltimore City councilman Zeke Cohen, 1st district, where I live, was negative, negative manipulative, pushes ridiculous innuendo-propaganda, a distortion of reality (“A RISING TIDE OF ANTI-SEMITISM AND NEO-FASCISM LURKING IN THE SHADOWS OF CITIES THROUGHOUT AMERICA AND EUROPE”)! That is par for the course for Mr. Cohen, with his constant inflammatory, incendiary, untrue rhetoric.

I am assuming the police department has made no specific, definitive accusations who committed the vandalism, but unfortunately Zeke has! He doesn’t know any more than I do, but suggests the motivations of the individual, possible suspects.

Are there any witnesses, testimony, video that an investigator could use to pursue a subpoena, warrant, or criminal indictment?

I have no quarrel with anyone else but Councilman Cohen. His statement in the Eagle was politically motivated. I have been present at political primary debates, at City Hall meetings where has said the most absurd hyperbole nonsense, and read his previous statements in various newspapers, along with media sources! They are generally inaccurate and racially motivated! Probably the worst incident was when he referred to ICE (Immigration, Customs and Enforcement) as NAZIS on a nationally syndicated television show (Tucker Carlson — Host).

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