Dear Dundalk,

Being a Dundalk son who no longer resides at home, I was unaware of the extent of problems you were having with the Dundalk Post Office. That changed several weeks ago when I experienced a problem with the Dundalk Post Office that went from inconvenience to criminal.

I went to the Dundalk Eagle archives to read what problems others were having. Disheartening is understated to say the least.

The substandard postal service being provided to Dundalk residents is completely unacceptable and can and should be rectified.

If you have a Postal problem, you should take the following actions:

Put pen to paper and document who, what, when, where, make 7 or 8 copies, then mail to the following:

The Dundalk Eagle (they can document as a Letter to Editor for further reference) 4 N. Center Place, Dundalk MD, 21222.

US Postmaster General

Honorable Megan Brennan

475 L’Enfant Plaza

Washington, DC 20260

Executive Vice President

Chief Customer Officer

Jacqueline Strake

475 L’Enfant Plaza

Washington, DC 20260

US Inspector General

Attn: Hotline

1735 North Lynn St

Arlington, Va. 22209-2020

National Association of Letter Carriers

Director City Delivery

Christopher Jackson

100 Indiana Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20001-2144

Councilmember Todd Crandell

7839 Eastpoint Mall Suite 307

Dundalk, MD 21224

I have started the flow of information to all of the above. If corrections aren’t forthcoming and the flow of complaints is not abated, I guarantee your voices will be heard and heads will roll.

Bruce A. McCartney Former Dundalk Citizen

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