Spring is in full swing, and we’re getting ready to celebrate our 50th anniversary next week!

We love that you support your local newspaper, and we’re excited to be a part of supporting the Maker’s Market. Everyone who’s anyone will be out and about in Historic Dundalk on Saturday, and it’s another chance to celebrate this wonderful place. Send us your pictures and reflections from the day on Saturday, we will print them!

While you’re out and about shopping with the DRC on Saturday, don’t forget to support your local heroes this weekend at Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Co. Pit Beef, Pit Ham and Pit Turkey Fund Raiser. It starts at 11 a.m. and goes until 3 p.m. or until it’s sold out. It’s all going down at 214 Wise Avenue, and all proceeds support The Wise Ave Volunteer Fire Co.

This week, we’re also celebrating another anniversary — Drug City is turning 65 this year! In this issue, we caught up with “Doc George,” who is a longtime fixture and somewhat recent owner of the Dundalk landmark.

We can’t wait for our 50th birthday party! If you’ve got a vacation, anniversary, birthday, or another reason to celebrate your town — we want to hear from you!

PS: For all you yard sale fans, we’ve gotten word that the Eastfield-Stanbrook Civic Association will hold its Community Yard Sale on Saturday. All 22 streets — Church, Dunbury, Dunmere, Eastfield, Harold, Holabird, Holborn, Kavanaugh, Kentley, Kirkleigh, Lawrence, Merritt Blvd, Moorgate, Ormand, Rockbourne, Scholar, School, Searles, Shore, Stanhope, Tilden, Wareham — will be hosting! For more information, call Karen Cruz on 410-285-7399.

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