Wednesday, October 28

Judge Norman R. Stone III

Michael A. Staudt, 25, of Gray Haven Road; possession of oxycodone, possession of drug paraphernalia (May 14), guilty.

Judge Philip N. Tirabassi

Jacqueline L. Brzezenski, 50, of Martell Avenue: possession of cocaine (July 13), 18 months supervised probation, 48 hours community service.

Kimberly J. Cicone, 54, of Martell Avenue: possession of heroin (July 13), guilty, 18 months supervised probation, 48 hours community service, $22.50 court costs.

Latanya M. Downing, 47, of Bear Ridge Road; second-degree assault (Feb. 20), not guilty.

Lisa M. Pierce, 25, of St. Helena Avenue: theft (May 11) six months unsupervised probation before judgment, 16 hours community service.

James P. Romoser Jr., 36, of Merritt Boulevard: possession of drug paraphernalia (June 15), guilty, $500 fine, $57.50 court costs.

Thursday, Oct. 29

Judge Philip N. Tirabassi

Douglas D. Coffman,62, of Lynch Road: driving under the influence (July 14), guilty, one year suspended sentence, one year supervised probation.

Bambi L. Austin, 34, of Baltimore Avenue: possession of heroin (Julyv 27), guilty, four-year sentence (all but 18 months suspended), 18 months supervised probation.

Judge Steven D. Wyman

David A. Kaczmarczyk, 54, of Kinship Road: open container violation (July 28), one day unsupervised probation before judgment, $57.50 court costs.

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