Wednesday, Dec.2

Judge Robert N. Dugan

Sarah L. Melton, 26, of S. North Point Road: disorderly conduct (Sept. 26),one year unsupervised probation before judgment, $150 fine, $57.50 court costs.

Judge Norman R. Stone III

Santos E. Joguan-Ambrocio, 30, of 52nd Street: second-degree assault (Sept. 30), not guilty.

William R. Just, 29, of Trappe Road: open container violation (Oct. 15), guilty, one year unsupervised probation, $50 fine, $57.50 court costs.

Jeremy L. Jacobs, 24, of Pinewood Road: trespassing, failure to obey a reasonable order from a police officer (Sept. 27), not guilty.

Thursday, Dec. 3

Judge Michael T. Pate

Ann Fleck, 35, of Inverton Road: failure to send child to school (August 31 through Oct. 20), one year unsupervised probation before judgment, $57.50 court costs.

Sarah Heitman, 33, of Lodge Forest Drive: second-degree assault (June 10), guilty, 18-month suspended sentence, one year unsupervised probation, 100 hours community service, $42.50 fine, $57.50 court costs, $393.18 restitution.

Judge Norman R. Stone III

Orlin M. Alvarado-Valle, 36, of Riverview Avenue: confining an unattended child (Aug. 17), one year unsupervised probation before judgment, $100 fine, $57.50 court costs.

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