White Marsh

June 9: Robbery, 6400 Block of Petrie Way 21237

Jun 09, 2019 7:40:00 AM EDT

At 7:40 a.m., an unknown suspect rode by the victim on his bike. He grabbed the victim’s purse from her hands and left the scene on his bike. All items were recovered.

June 8: Robbery, 8000 Block of Belair Road 21236

Jun 08, 2019 9:26:00 PM EDT

At 9:26 p.m., a group of nine juvenile suspects approached a juvenile victim, physically assaulted him and then stole his money, cell phone and earphones from his pockets. The suspects then fled leaving the cell phone behind.

June 8: Second Degree Burglary, 8000 Block of Duvall Avenue 21237

Jun 08, 2019 1:42:00 AM EDT

Sometime between 1:42 and 2:40 a.m., nine unknown suspects were seen in the area. Half of the group entered the victim’s backyard and broke into the victim’s two sheds. The suspects stole a four wheeler and motorized scooter and then fled.

June 7: Second Degree Burglary, 8700 Block of Philadelphia Road 21237

Jun 07, 2019 3:54:00 AM EDT

At 3:54 a.m., four unknown suspects broke into and entered the Metro PCS store and stole various cell phones.

June 6: Robbery, 5300 Block of Hamilton Avenue 21206

Jun 06, 2019 3:30:00 PM EDT

At 3:30 p.m., the victim was robbed of his cash and assaulted at gunpoint by an unknown juvenile suspect. The suspect fled in a vehicle.

June 5 to 7: Second Degree Burglary, 1200 Block of Gettig Road 21237

Jun 05, 2019 7:00:00 PM EDT

Sometime between 7 p.m. on June 5 and 5:40 a.m. on June 7, an unknown suspect(s) broke into the victim’s shed. Three of the victim’s mini dirt bikes were stolen from the shed.

June 5: Robbery, Philadelphia Road and Fontana Lane 21237

Jun 05, 2019 6:15:00 PM EDT

At 6:15 p.m., two unknown suspects approached the victim. One suspect displayed a knife, while the other suspect unsuccessfully attempted to take the victim’s necklaces. The suspect then reached into the victim’s pocket and took his driver’s license and money.

June 5: Robbery, 6400 Block of Petrie Way 21237

Jun 05, 2019 5:38:00 PM EDT

At 5:38 p.m., an unknown suspect on a bicycle pulled up to a woman and her child walking with a cart in a parking lot. The suspect bumped into the cart which struck the child. The suspect then reached into the victim’s purse which was in the cart, removed money from the purse and then fled on his bicycle.

June 3: Robbery, Averill and Shakerwood roads 21237

Jun 03, 2019 8:30:00 PM EDT

At 8:30 p.m., three unknown suspects, one armed with a handgun, robbed two victims of their two bicycles, cash and a cell phone. Two suspects fled on the bicycles and one fled on foot.

June 3: Robbery, 7900 Block of Pulaski Highway 21237

Jun 03, 2019 6:00:00 AM EDT

At 6 a.m., four unknown, armed suspects entered the Royal Farms store and assaulted two customers and an employee. They attempted to get access to the safe and lottery machine with negative results, but they did steal cash and cigars.

June 3: Second Degree Burglary, 7900 Block of Shirley Avenue 21237

Jun 03, 2019 3:00:00 AM EDT

Sometime between 3 and 6:15 a.m., the victims’ shed was broken into. Tools were taken along with two ATVs and one dirt bike.

June 1: Robbery, 8800 Block of Belair Road 21236

Jun 01, 2019 2:52:00 PM EDT

At 2:52 p.m., two unknown suspects entered the Power Swift Mobile store and at gunpoint robbed the store of cell phones, cash and a laptop. Two additional suspects were outside the store, one as a getaway driver and the second as a lookout.

June 1: Robbery, 8300 Block of Pulaski Highway 21237

Jun 01, 2019 12:54:00 PM EDT

At 12:54 p.m., an unknown suspect entered the M&T Bank and slipped the teller a note demanding money. The suspect then fled.

June 1: Robbery, 4100 Block of Wholesale Club Road 21236

Jun 01, 2019 11:24:00 AM EDT

At 11:24 a.m., an unknown suspect entered the Eastern Savings Bank and placed a note on the counter demanding money and implying a weapon. The teller gave the suspect the money and then the suspect fled.


Precinct 11 — Essex

June 8: Robbery, Old Eastern and Pelczar avenues 21221

Jun 08, 2019 3:00:00 AM EDT

At 3 a.m., the unknown suspect accosted the victim and forcibly grabbed her purse, ripping it from her shoulder. The suspect fled on foot and then threw the handbag on the roadway. The suspect was stopped by police, was positively identified by the victim and was then arrested.

June 7 to 9: Second Degree Burglary, 700 Block of Sterling Avenue 21220

Jun 07, 2019 5:30:00 PM EDT

Sometime between 5:30 p.m. on June 7 and 5 p.m. on June 9, an unknown suspect broke into the victim’s shed by prying off the lock. An all terrain vehicle was taken.

June 2: First Degree Burglary, 12600 Block of Eastern Avenue 21220

Jun 02, 2019 5:30:00 AM EDT

Around 5:30 a.m., an unknown suspect broke a rear window of the residence to gain entry. Once inside, the suspect stole several tools.

June 1: First Degree Burglary, 400 Block of Carrollwood Road 21220

Jun 01, 2019 8:00:00 AM EDT

Sometime between 8 a.m. and 9:10 p.m., two known suspects entered the victims’ residence through a window. Once inside, they stole several items.


Precinct 8 — Parkville

June 8: Robbery, 8600 Block of Ellen Court 21234

Jun 08, 2019 7:30:00 PM EDT

At 7:30 p.m., while riding his bike, the juvenile victim was approached by seven unknown suspects riding bicycles. One of the suspects approached him and threatened and implied that they had a gun. The suspect then took the victim’s bike and all the suspects fled on their bikes.

June 6: Second Degree Burglary, 8500 Block of Old Harford Road 21234

Jun 06, 2019 7:50:00 AM EDT

At 7:50 a.m., an unknown suspect removed a gate key from a lock box at Tim’s Towing. The suspect then entered a vehicle and drove it to the front exit gate, where he was confronted by police and arrested.

June 6: Second Degree Burglary, 7600 Block of Belair Road 21236

Jun 06, 2019 4:41:00 AM EDT

At 4:41 a.m., four unknown suspects shattered the Sprint store glass door to gain entry. Once inside, the suspects attempted to remove the display phones from their cases. The store’s alarm sounded and caused the suspects to flee. No items were taken.

June 4: First Degree Burglary, 1800 Block of Wycliffe Road 21234

Jun 04, 2019 7:00:00 AM EDT

Sometime between 7 and 10:30 a.m., an unknown suspect(s) entered the victims’ residence through an unlocked door. Once inside, the suspect(s) ransacked the house and stole a suitcase and coins from a coin jug.


Precinct 12 — Dundalk

June 8: First Degree Burglary, 7000 Block of Dunmanway 21222

Jun 08, 2019 4:00:00 AM EDT

Between 4 and 8 a.m., an unknown suspect used force to break the front door to make entry. Once inside, the suspect searched the residence thoroughly before leaving. There was heavy damage to the door, but nothing appeared to be taken.

June 6: Attempted Robbery, Unit Block of Avalon Avenue 21222

Jun 06, 2019 5:20:00 PM EDT

At 5:20 p.m., the two known suspects entered the victim’s residence in an attempt to steal the victims’ valuables. The two suspects were found later and arrested.

June 6: First Degree Burglary, 4800 Block of Greencove Circle 21219

Jun 06, 2019 8:10:00 AM EDT

Between 8:10 a.m. and 10:30 p.m., an unknown suspect may have used an unlocked front door to enter the victim’s residence. The suspect stole several items.

June 5: First Degree Burglary, 300 Block of Oakwood Road 21222

Jun 05, 2019 1:00:00 PM EDT

Between 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., an unknown suspect entered the victim’s residence through an unlocked window. The suspect stole several items but was found and arrested later.

June 5: Second Degree Burglary, Unit Block of Shipping Place 21222

Jun 05, 2019 12:00:00 AM EDT

Between 12 a.m. June 5 and 5:30 a.m. June 6, an unknown suspect damaged the side window at Subway to gain entry. Once inside, the suspect stole the cash drawer and fled the scene.

June 4: First Degree Burglary, 7800 Block of West Collingham Drive 21222

Jun 04, 2019 12:30:00 PM EDT

Between 12:30 p.m. June 4 and 3 p.m. June 9, an unknown suspect entered the victim’s residence, then stole two Razor scooters and clothing.

June 4: Second Degree Burglary, 2400 Block of North Point Boulevard 21222

Jun 04, 2019 11:34:00 AM EDT

At a little after 11:34 a.m., police were called to a burglary in progress. The four unknown suspects pulled open the side door to the North Point Flea Market, then entered. Once inside, the suspects stole various items. The suspects were found and arrested.

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