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Bleacher Bum

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The Sparrows Point girls basketball season may have ended with a thud, but it did end in the regional championship game.

Forewarned is forearmed; after the Pointer girls knocked off third-seeded Dunbar and second-seeded Carver Vo-Tech, there was simply now way top-seeded Forest park was going to take Sparrows Point lightly.

The Foresters attacked relentlessly from the start. It was 16-2 midway through the first period and Forest Park had more steals (four) than Sparrows Point had attempted shots (two).

The defensive pressure was too much for Sparrows Point to handle. By the end of the first quarter, Forest Park had six steals and Sparrows Point had attempted seven shots; the Foresters reached seven shots by their third possession of the game.

Needless to say, it’s tough to score when you aren’t getting shots at the basket.

One does wonder if Forest Park felt the need to humiliate Sparrows Point on Dunbar and Caver Vo-Tech’s behalf.

The Foresters kept pressing, kept their starters in the game, kept going for steals until the end of the game, despite the outcome never being in doubt.

And it cost Forest Park. One of the Forester starters, lunging for a steal with only a minute or so remaining in the game, fell and injured her elbow.

While I hope the young lady is okay, it would be unfortunate if Forest Park was missing a starter for the remainder of the state playoffs because its coach felt he needed to make some kind of statement against a team that was 1-17 during the regular season.

Incidentally, the Sparrows Point girls, after that 1-17 season, were the only local basketball team to win a playoff game. And they won two.

* * *

Still waiting for an explanation as to how Richard Davis’ opponent in the 132-pound state final received three cautions for stalling without Davis being awarded a penalty point. Davis lost 4-3, by the way, so it isn’t like the omission ain’t no big thing.

* * *

Why, yes, it was … interesting … to spend a couple of days at The Show Place Arena, mingling with hundreds of people from all over the state while being not far from the county where the three confirmed cases of coronavirus had been moving around for a couple of weeks without being diagnosed.

I’m really not worried about getting sick. My three main coronavirus concerns are: a potential big negative impact on the economy; the Summer Olympic Games possibly being cancelled; just about everyone else falling to the virus, leaving me to make my way out to Denver in order to join the “good” side for the faceoff with the “bad” side in Las Vegas ….

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