Only one title eluded Rhianna Stitt during her four seasons as a member of the Sparrows Point golf team: a state championship.

Stitt, The Eagle’s Female Fall Athlete of the Season, had to settle for winning everything else.

The Pointer senior completed a four-year sweep of the Baltimore County and District VI titles this fall. She capped the season by finishing fourth in the Class 1A/2A state golf tournament at the University of Maryland.

Stitt shot an 88 in the semifinals and 85 in the finals for a score of 173. She finished three stroke out of third place.

As a junior, Stitt finished third in the state tournament, the highest finish for a local golfer since Jessica Fernandez of Patapsco won the state title in 1995.

“Rhianna is a good golfer because she is consistent,” Sparrows Point golf coach Larry Warble said. “Every shot is straight and down the middle. In areas where her game is struggling, Rhianna can adjust and figure out how to approach that particular part of the hole.

“She is an all-around golfer and she excels in all aspects of the game. Her swing is smooth which allows her to make great contact consistently.”

Stitt was already a known golf talent before she arrived at Sparrows Point. She started golfing when she was six-years-old, and had already won over 30 trophies and over 40 medals (as well as $7,000 in scholarships) when she arrived at Sparrows Point her freshman year.

Rhianna joined the U.S. Kids Golf Tour, and was named Player of the Year when she was six, eight and 10-years old.

That earned her invitations to the U.S. Kids Golf Tour grand championships at Pinehurst.

In the fall of 2018, Rhianna received one of 81 spots for junior golfers at a PGA Tournament in Pebble Beach, the PURE Insurance Championship Impacting the First Tee.

She impressed her playing partner, PGA Tour member Kirk Triplett, who said of Stitt’s swing: “Look at the power she generates.”

Rhianna has said she wants to play golf for a four-year Division I college, and then join the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). Stitt also plans to become a registered nurse.

Also considered for Athlete of the Season was Sparrows Point soccer goalkeeper Jaddah Foos, an All-Baltimore County player who was among the best keepers in the state.

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