What happens when you cross the Owls with the Owls?

The Dundalk Owls defeated the Westminster Owls 14-13 in a home game on Friday night, continuing to plow through the season in which they have yet to lose a game.

And on the other side of Merritt Boulevard, Patapsco High School continues to dominate, beating Loch Raven 21-7 in an away game. Patapsco, too, has won all four of its games this season.

The Dundalk Owls will see Towson, which won its last game against Dulaney, in another home game tomorrow evening, and the Patriots will see Chesapeake High on Saturday at 1 p.m.

The Pointers also continued their winning streak on Friday, shutting out Pikesville in a home game, 23-0.

Boys’ soccer

The Patriots’ boys’ soccer team beat Carver A&T, 5-2 on Tuesday evening after being defeated by rival Dundalk (10-0) last Thursday.

The Pointers’ boys’ team has been defeated three times over the past week, losing to Franklin (2-1) last Thursday, North Harford (4-3) on Monday and Catonsville (4-1) on Tuesday, continuing Catonsville’s undefeated streak.

Girls’ soccer

The Owls’ girls’ team lost to Parkville on Tuesday 6-0, having lost to Patapsco on Thursday (6-1). The Owls will see Kenwood this afternoon in a home game.

Sparrows Point’s girls’ team beat Catonsville 3-0 on Tuesday, with three second-half goals by freshman Allysa Hartman, sophomore Olivia Gardner, and junior Savana Iacovelli, coach Jonathan Wynne said on Wednesday.


The Owls’ volleyball team defeated Overlea on Monday 3-1, continuing a three-game winning streak.

Sparrows Point, also on a winning streak, beat Chesapeake High last Friday 3-0, and will see Kenwood tomorrow.

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