Dan Bandy

Dan Bandy makes contact during a senior softball game between Dundalk and Kingsville on Monday. Dundalk is 4-2 on the season.

Dan Bandy

Jim Hooper

Diamondbacks third baseman Jim Hooper waits for the throw from the outfield as the Astros’ Joe LoBianco tries for an extra base during an Astros’ win earlier this month. The Astros are the only unbeaten team in the Over-40 League.

The Dundalk Over-60 Senior Softball team has joined a “splinter league” this summer in order to keep playing after the COVID-19 pandemic caused the Baltimore Beltway Senior Softball League to suspend its season.

Darren Schillinger

Darren Schillinger tosses the ball to Doug Kaline for an out at first during a recent Over-40 League game. The Astros (4-0) are in first place in the league.

But while these teams are defying the coronavirus, they have been forced to make allowances for the sun.

Dundalk (4-2) had its most recent game — Monday against Catonsville at Stansbury Park — cancelled because temperatures exceeded 90 degrees at game time.

That leaves Dundalk with four doubleheaders remaining in the regular season, weather permitting.

Vince Butzner

Sonny Weaver of the Rays is forced out at second by the Dodgers Vince Butzner during a game earlier this season. The Dodgers (2-1) are in second place, percentage points ahead of the Rays (3-2).

Dundalk is to host Glen Burnie on August 3 host Perry Hall on August 5, and host Bowie Gold on August 10.

The splinter league of six teams will then hold a postseason tournament.

The heat has been brutal lately for both the Over-60 softball team and teams playing in the Eastern Baltimore County Over-40 Baseball League.

Which teams have access to shade — either from trees or provided by themselves — may be a contributing factor in the outcome of some games.

Lloyd Fox

Lloyd Fox of the Royals throws the ball to first baseman Jeff Patti for a putout. The Royals are 2-2 on the season, and have scored 35 runs while allowing 35.

Of the three fields being used — Patapsco High, St. Helena Park and Legion Post 38 — only St. Helena Park has plentiful trees (although its tough for the team with its dugout on the third baseline).

(If only the league had access to Martindale Park, with trees shading the entire non-playing area.)

This past weekend, the Astros (4-0) remained in first place with a 21-4 win over the Orioles at Post 38.

The Dodgers (2-1) defeated the Cardinals 7-4 at Patapsco to climb past the Rays and into second place.

Warner Wamsley

Dundalk third baseman Warner Wamsley checks his glove to make sure the ball is still there after snagging a hard line drive. The Over-60 softball team’s most recent game was cancelled due to the heat.

The Rays (3-2) lost to the Royals at St. Helena Park, 5-2.

This weekend the Orioles (0-3-1) host the Cardinals (2-2) at Post 38; the Rays host the Astros at Patapsco High; and the Dodgers host the Diamondbacks (0-3-1) at St. Helena Park.

This is the next-to-last week of the abbreviated regular season. The Dodgers and Royals also have a make-ip game against each other.

In the meantime, maybe these leagues should start to consider starting games at 6 p.m.

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