It’s football in June. Kinda.

Patapsco hosted a four-day 7-versus-7 football league the past two weeks: seven players on a team, no pads, two-hand touch, contact forbidden.

And the teams involved, well, they may have been comprised of players from a specific school, but they weren’t officially representing those schools.

(Remember — or maybe you don’t — how Dundalk hosted a 7-vs-7 League a few years back, and the players who went to Dundalk High wore “uniforms” with San Francisco 49er’s-style logos and represented the “Southeast.”)

Most teams don’t keep score; scores don’t mean much, anyway, as there are no standings kept, either. It’s all casual and just or fun.

“It’s a great way to watch our kids compete,” a coach said. “If a kid is competitive in 7’s, they’ll be competitive in pads.

“It allows us to install offensive passing plays and sets, evaluate guys at our skill positions and see who can do what.”

On defense, coaches can experiment with different coverages and see who’s best at playing man-to-man defense and who works better in a zone.

There were 18 teams participating in the league, with each team playing three 30-minute games during each session.

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