Dundalk High School hosted the annual Baltimore County East-West Football All-Star Game on Monday for the second consecutive year — but this year, no Owls were allowed to play in the game.

The state football playoffs are still ongoing, with the state championship games scheduled for this week. Under the rules set by Baltimore County, players from teams that reached the second round of the playoffs are ineligible to play in the All-Star Game.

(Yes, that means players from the best teams aren’t allowed to play in the All-Star game. Try not to think about it too hard.)

(Yes, it does make some sense. The alternative would be to not play the All-Star game until a week after the end of the state tournament, which puts the game into December.)

Dundalk and Eastern Tech both reached their respective regional championship games, so the East team was without the Owls and Mavericks.

Franklin will play in the Class 3A state championship game this week, so there were no Indians on the West roster. But New Town, which played in the state semifinals just last weekend (Dundalk and Eastern Tech played two weeks ago), was represented on the West team by a few players.

The West won the game 14-0, and the result will stand despite the West using ineligible players. Hey, what’s a little rules-bending in an All-Star game?

There also isn’t supposed to be any blitzing in an All-Star game (the linemen haven’t worked together long enough to handle blitzes, putting the quarterback at risk), but the West blitzed repeatedly throughout the game and the East quarterbacks rarely had time to throw.

The East team was coached by the Patapsco High coaching staff, including head coach Tyler Clough and assistants Tony Lugenbeel, Harry Wujek, Shawn Regulski and Glen Davis.

The Patriot staff noticed the, ummm, bending of the rules by the West team, but opted not to make an issue about it during the game and opted just to report it to the county.

“Coaching the team was a great experience,” Clough said. “Being around the best players the east-side teams had to offer — with the exception of Dundalk, Eastern Tech and Chesapeake — showed me how much talent there is in our league.

“It was also great watching the boys crate friendships and relationships in such a short period of time.”

(Chesapeake did not field a varsity team this season.)

Patapsco was represented on the All-Star team by quarterback Dontaz Wilson, receiver/defensive back Dashawn Gugliuzza and lineman Ernest Barry.

Gugliuzza had an interception on the goal line in the fourth quarter to stop a West drive.

Wilson quarterbacked the East team in the first and third quarters, while Jeff Wilson of Hereford was under center in the second and fourth quarters.

Sparrows Point was represented by defensive back Tony Christensen.

Seven Kenwood players were on the All-Star team, including three linemen: T.J. Greene, Nassir Johnson, Parrish Phillips, Key’Shawn Matthews, Phil Cooper, Malik Boyd and Karlar Farley.

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